Danesco Inc. update a WMS solution

Danesco Inc. is an enterprising and innovative consumer products business, proudly marketing and distributing a wide range of kitchenware products and accessories throughout Canada and the United States.




Danesco had two different phases of challenge.  The first in 2008 was to replace an out of date custom application that was not meeting the company’s needs and limiting its ability to meet ever changing customer expectations.  The second phase in 2014 was to replace a customized WMS solution that was unstable and incapable of supporting Danesco’s future growth.

  • Out of date legacy solution
  • Inability to keep up with customer expectations
  • Large EDI volume requiring human intervention


In 2008, Danesco selected SYSPRO ERP to be the ERP backbone of their information system including full support for EDI integration with many trading partners.  SYSPRO was deployed integrated with WMS functionality that together served to meet Danesco’s customer-specific requirements and compliance, including packing, labeling and shipping, while removing as many points of human intervention as possible.


In 2014, the first WMS solution was replaced with DATASCOPE WMS solution in order to have a strategic solution ready to support current sales volumes but also capable of supporting future growth.  It also provided the tools to make significant warehouse optimization decisions.



The result of both solutions is a highly efficient warehouse operation handling multiple product brands, supporting unique customer requirements,…. contributing to company success.