SYSPRO ERP Software, a software solution for the pharmaceutical industry and medical device manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Industrie ERP Software

Why choose SYSPRO ERP Software for your manufacturing needs

Pharmaceutical and Medical device manufacturers experience countless challenges on a daily basis. Product traceability, strict quality requirements and compliance with multiple regulatory requirements, are just some of the critical factors to determine an organization’s success. Your business is dependent upon following closely controlled processes to produce and meet stringent quality standards, while having the capacity to provide documentation to validate all procedures. That’s why Class 1 and 2 medical device manufacturers turn to SYSPRO for functionality that helps sustain their competitive advantage.

The SYSPRO ERP Software solution has been developed to help you address these issues and manage the five key components of a medical manufacturing business: Design, Manufacture, Distribution, Maintenance and Service. SYSPRO ERP Software provides powerful manufacturing capabilities, with the tools needed to improve customer satisfaction with quick responses to changing consumer needs, gain full visibility into the supply chain that helps businesses exceed goals.

Key business solutions


SYSPRO ERP Software was developed to support your quality and safety control systems. Our solution integrates a complete traceability system that allows manufacturing companies to quickly detect, quarantine and recover potentially defective products, improve governance and ensure compliance, among other things.

Engineering Change Control

Engineering Change Control (ECC) is a requirement for ISO and QS certification and is essential for quality control. SYSPRO ERP functionality helps you improve the management of engineering changes to your products and/or associated data by applying controls in production and generates detailed audit reports of all transactions to meet compliance requirements.

Reporting Services

SYSPRO Reporting Services (SRS) enables you to produce professional-looking reports quickly and with minimal effort – providing a single, cost-effective solution that simplifies operational effectiveness.

SRS comes with an impressive array of predefined reports that work ‘out-of-the-box’, enabling businesses to derive immediate benefit.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

SYSPRO’s Bill of Materials supports businesses through each stage of the development process and allows users to manage components, routing steps and products specs using secure and flexible methods.

Preferred Supplier

This SYSPRO ERP’s feature enables you to easily and optimally manage material sourcing strategies and recommended supplier selection throughout your purchasing cycle to improve procurement governance and thereby achieve cost savings.

Pharmaceutical Industry ERP Software

6 Key Medical Device and pharmaceutical challenges SYSPRO ERP Software can help you overcome

1. Comply with Safety Regulations

To enable full bi-directional traceability from the source of production to the point of consumption, SYSPRO ERP Software helps you manage all stages of the nonconformance process and generate corrective actions and other workflows that link directly back to the original nonconformance and more.

2.Ensure the continuity of complexe and state-of-the-art equipment

SYSPRO’s Product Configurator simplifies order set-up with a variety of possible configurations. In addition, SYSPRO ERP’s serial number tracking and lot traceability features provide reliable warranty and replacement details and history.

3.Procurement and Supplier Relationships

Purchasing and supplier relations are increasingly important functions for manufacturers and distributors to achieve their strategic objectives. SYSPRO ERP Software enables you to optimize the management of material sourcing strategies, as well as the recommended selection of suppliers during your purchasing cycle.

4.Optimize Materials Planning & Visibility

Optimize your inventories with accurate forecasts to minimize errors and improve order fulfillment performance. Place stock codes, batches, and bins on hold to prevent the use of discrepant materials and gain better control over the return and exchange of items purchased from suppliers.

5.Streamline Production

SYSPRO ERP helps you reduce costs with advanced capacity planning and scheduling tools. You’ll know who worked on what and when with comprehensive audit reports, giving you a clearer picture of raw materials, machines, labor and quality variances.

6. Reduce time to market

Simplify order entry and automatically generate purchase and production orders with all relevant details, such as materials and operations required to manufacture or meet specific product configurations.

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