ESNA Aeropace Canada (formerly MacLean-Fogg) upgrade 4 major levels in SYSPRO ERP Software

As the pioneer manufacturer of self-locking fasteners, ESNA offers the benefits of more than 85 years experience in the design and manufacture of vibration-proof fasteners and tight tolerance bushings. The extensive ESNA line includes standard and high tensile, extra thin, MIL approved parts, designed for the most difficult fastening applications as well as precision machined parts.



MacLean-Fogg was using an early DOS version of SYSPRO ERP Software known as Impact Award version 3.2.  The company wanted to update the software capabilities, yet wanted to remain on SYSPRO, without losing any data from older versions or having to recreate certain configurations or data.

  • Upgrade 4 major levels in SYSPRO ERP Software with no loss of data
  • Enable all the new functionality added over many years of SYSPRO software development
  • Improve processes and work-habits



The solution was a standard SYSPRO upgrade process executed by LOGI-SOLUTIONS.  It did require multiple upgrade steps but absolutely no loss of data or configuration.

  • Standard SYSPRO upgrade process
  • No loss of data



A test conversion was executed which enabled end user testing and training.  Live upgrade was executed only 2-weeks later over a weekend with zero downtime.  MacLean Fogg was then able to begin introducing the new functionality into their business processes leading to many changes in work-habit and several points of efficiency gain.