Enterprise Resource Planning system ERP – can make everyone’s job easier


CEOs require intelligent solutions that allow 4 key management roles to make fact-based decisions, expand into new markets, and increase business revenues. An ERP system aligns management with detailed reports on what happened, what worked, and what didn’t – and what changes should be made to meet goals as forecasted.


ERPs, particularly when set up, customized, and used to their full potential can play a drastic role in the success of manufacturers and distributors of all sizes.


Without this information readily available, it’s almost impossible to properly plan for (and achieve) future business growth or to stay on the right path.


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Implementing new software that changes the way management works can be tricky in any organization – people don’t like change! But it’s important to get everyone on the same page, from the CEO to the Supply Chain Manager. 

We’ve pulled together a few ways the SYSPRO ERP solution can help any member of management work more efficiently and effectively, by giving them access to the real time data they need to work quickly.


How an ERP System Can Benefit CEOs


Accurate Data

Inaccurate data leads to poor business decisions. Without clear and accurate data, no amount of planning will help your organization grow – or operate effectively.


Saves Money

And with better planning and effective operating, you’ll quickly notice your business has extra money in the bank. While a good ERP can be a large investment up front, the time and money it will save you in the long run greatly outweighs the initial cost.


Full Transparency

With access to real-time data from all departments, CEOs can easily see exactly what is happening, when – meaning there won’t be any surprises should shipments be delayed or orders increased last minute. No surprises, means you can easily adjust to accommodate before something becomes a last minute frenzy.


How an ERP System Can Benefit CFOs and Accounting Teams


Better Organization

An Excel spreadsheet and a handful of different software programs are fine to track and manage your finances when you’re first starting out. But as your organization grows and your accounting department becomes busier and busier, it’s important to eliminate cross-referencing and repetitive data entry.

An ERP system can easily track everything in one space, making it easier to stay organized and have a better understanding of the company is performing financially.


Better Understanding

With better clarity and visibility into the organization’s financial performance, it is easier to understand which business lines are most profitable and use that information for better planning.


How an ERP Solution Can Benefit Production Managers


Better Oversight

An ERP Solution allows Production Managers to see each step of the manufacturing process, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient shop – ultimately lowering your operating costs.


Better Collaboration

Not only can the Production Managers see each individual step of the manufacturing process, but so can each of your team members. Knowing what everyone else is working on allows for better collaboration – and with in-app messaging options, communication is made easier, too. 


Smart Lead Times

With real-time information and smart analytics built into the ERP, Production Managers no longer have to make a ‘best guess’ of delivery times. More accurate delivery estimates mean your customers will be kept happy.


How an ERP Solution Can Benefit Supply Chain Managers


Increased Flexibility

Real-time data insights play a large role in supply chain management’s ability to be flexible and to alter orders quickly. This allows for smoother transaction processes and allows the organization to be competitive while also keeping costs low.


Increased Efficiency

Supply Chain Managers don’t just interact with other internal employees – they also need to work closely with numerous suppliers and other external partners to ensure inventory levels are kept at appropriate levels; not too high and not too low.

An ERP System keeps track of all parts moving in and out and allows Supply Chain Managers to ensure their teams deliver orders to customers on time and on budget. Of course, this also means customer retention rates increase, and the organization can continue to grow.


Measuring Success

Perhaps the most critical piece of any business plan is the opportunity to measure and analyze how successful the plan was. With an ERP, Supply Chain Managers can view aggregate information and make future decisions based on which goals were achieved and which weren’t.


Regardless of your role, an Enterprise Resource Planning can make your days at work operate much smoother and with less stress.


From the CEO, to the Warehouse Manager; real-time data at everyone’s fingertips will help improve decision making, save costs, and allow the organization as a whole to operate more efficiently.

SYSPRO ERP System focuses on creating flexible, leading-edge manufacturing software solutions, while also delivering results for companies in the manufacturing industry.


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We have more than 100 people-hours of experience customizing SYSPRO ERP for our clients, to ensure the system is optimized as close to 100% as possible for your unique company – instead of paying for 100% and only using 50%.

Plus, our implementation method includes training for your team, and we take pride in delivering projects on time and on budget.

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