Technical Documentation

A Problem-Solving Approach that Works

With the Syspro system, Logi-Solutions makes it easier to manage and supply major retailers.

Syspro’s fully integrated EDI, ERP and WMS* framework provides an extraordinary solution for partners of major retailers, or “big box stores”, with a transaction flow that’s streamlined and automated. Here’s how:

  • Your trading partner – Walmart, as an example, sends a purchase order or 850 EDI transaction.
  • Syspro monitors the various mailboxes used for this transmission and picks up the order even if sent at three o’clock in the morning… with no user involvement required.
  • The file is translated from raw EDI format to ‘Syspro- speak’, and its accuracy is validated. Pricing and the possible need for multiple orders is considered at this step.
    • Exceptions are automatically pushed to an exception report such as a trading partner submitting pricing that doesn’t agree with your price list.

For more Information on how Syspro will enhance your partnership with major retailers, check out this video with Logi-Solutions President Rod Matheson here.

Optimization is Key

Stock is allocated to orders, taking into account delivery commitments and looking at ways to optimize warehouse function. After all, there’s no point pushing through two separate orders for the same customer if they are to be shipped only one day apart.

*EDI=Electronic Data Interchange; ERP=Enterprise Resource Planning; WMS=Warehouse Management System

Pick…and Pack!

Warehouse personnel are directed to pick orders from specific bins and, when required, are automatically supplied with the appropriate product labels for any items or packaging units.

All picking is done on handhelds with immediate validation. This guarantees 99.99% pick accuracy… no fines!!

Behind the scenes

This pick process is accumulating the package contents data required in Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) or 856 EDI transactions.  Once the shipment is completely ready, the 856 is sent to your trading partner with no manual entry, no transposition errors….again, no fines.  Once an order is ready, we can integrate with multiple shipping software solutions to choose carriers and transport services and determine transport costs.  The transport costs, plus all mark-ups, can then be automatically transferred back into the Syspro order.

The shipment is now ready for invoicing

In Syspro, simply print the invoice and issue it in your format or through your delivery method of choice.  Print it, email it, or send it via an EDI invoice or 810 transaction. We look after the translation and submitting to your trading partner.

In parallel with this order processing operation, the warehouse solution handles:

  • Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Pick-face replenishment
  • Bin and warehouse transfers
  • Job issues and receipts
  • Returns
  • Cycle and full physical inventory counting

Two other transactions Syspro uniquely looks after are PO changes and cash receipts.  Trading partners often issue PO change transactions, which can impact 50 or more of your sales orders if they have changed quantity or added/removed a SKU from every order for each of their stores.  These traditionally require a lot of manual updating… but given the audit trail we maintain between the trading partner’s PO and the Syspro sales order, we are able to electronically update original sales orders to reflect any such PO changes. It’s easy.

As for the application of cash receipts, EDI customers often pay with reference to ASN’s – not invoices.  We’re able to break down the payment into the underlying invoices, and apply the cash receipt electronically including setting up debit memos for any deductions the customer has taken.  Our Trade Promotion Management module provides a complete audit trail of what discounts a customer has earned and greatly eases the analysis and authorization of these chargebacks.

We complete the solution with the ability to handle all non-transactional EDI messages. We offer a series of triggers and alerts both internal and external, and provide a dashboard view of the entire EDI order book and warehouse operations to ensure everything is being processed on a compliant and timely basis.

When you’re meeting their needs, your trading partners are more than eager to do more business with you, and you can do so without sacrificing margins to frustrating fines!

Got a problem? We have a solution

The challengeOur solution…
You can’t get in the door of most major retailers without being EDI-capable and compliantSyspro has passed the test of time with all major retailers across all industries.
Proper set-up from both customer and item point of view is necessary for proper order handling without the risk of processing errors and fines.Syspro ensures additional fields and elements are provided and entered for successful handling of EDI customers. Includes contract pricing, item and package dimensions, label requirements, and EDI transaction requirements. All requirements met, nothing missed!
EDI = volume, and as such it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain order accuracy if an integrated system is not in place. Syspro’s EDI map ensures that our orders are created accurately and on a timely basis. No delay in entry, and if the trading partner submits an order with a non-existent store, unlisted item, or wrong price, these are instantly flagged for you so that no time or margin is lost.
The high order volume can make it difficult to maintain visibility on the process. Are you fulfilling the orders, is labeling ready, will you ship on time? The Syspro dashboard gives real-time visibility from the customer’s PO down into your sales orders by store. This provides time to react when action is required.
Getting customer-specific labeling produced can be very time-consuming and difficult to coordinate especially when they don’t all have the same requirements. Syspro proactively generates the labels required for each order, thereby removing the effort to coordinate all of this while making label application as efficient as possible.
Getting the right item in the right quantity in the right box can be challenging.

Getting it wrong entails fines.

Syspro uses real-time validation and scanning to keep track of exactly where your staff has put each item, automatically providing all the data required to meet Advanced Shipping Notice requirements with absolutely no rekeying – and no risk of error.
Getting orders out the door on time is an issue that keeps a lot of warehouse managers and owner/managers up at night. Delays mean fines. Success means customer satisfaction and the potential for higher volumes and more product listings. Syspro helps by prioritizing inventory allocation and picking by customer class and promised ship dates. The dashboard flag orders that are late or behind schedule.
What is the true margin being made on sales to the major retailers? What is your cost – just the product cost? Are you including the landed costs to deliver goods to your premises? Are you including labeling costs and post-sale chargebacks for various allowances?Syspro not only captures this information to provide a complete analysis of margins but also provides a control mechanism to ensure that chargebacks are properly calculated. The days of trying to calculate/verify these manually are over.