Customers & Prospects

Facilitating the marketing and selling process by integrating with several best-of-breed CRM solutions in order to provide an integrated workflow from the following activities to the Syspro ERP:

  • New contact capture
  • Activity tracking
  • Customer conversion

Syspro offers integration tools for Microsoft CRM and  These platforms seamlessly transfer account or customer updates to and from Syspro and these CRM solutions.  The same tools provide a customizable workflow from CRM opportunities to Syspro quotes and ultimately sales orders with no redundant data entry.

Managing Opportunities

Together with the CRM integration, Syspro can provide an accurate and efficient workflow for the following activities:

  • Lead & opportunity tracking
  • Quotations including product configuration

Syspro offers a quotation system that can handle make to stock, make to order, configure to order, or engineer to order items. This is done with an integrated product configurator and an ability to build underlying estimates on-the-fly.

The CRM integration tools then provide a link between quotation revisions and open sales opportunities in order to provide an accurate sales funnel.

Order Capture

The Syspro e.Net Solutions architecture can offer a series of business objects for use by external solutions to interact with Syspro, or alternatively the external process can submit a properly formatted XML file to the Syspro Document Flow Manager which will look after all the required processing complete with validations and notifications.

All electronically submitted orders, EDI included, are all validated against corporate pricing programs and any exceptions highlighted on automated reporting.