The warehouse solution caters for every warehouse inventory activity including receiving, put-away, transfers, job issues & receipts, labour capture, picking, packing & shipping. Audit trail of each activity including serial and lot tracking is automatically generated for reporting purposes.

High responsiveness to customer requirements is provided through full control of any labeling formats.


Syspro helps speed the shipping process offering freight system and rate shopping integration, full documentation compliance and generation of any required EDI transactions.

Using either combined or separate shipping and invoicing, Syspro can cater to multiple processing requirements.

The orders can integrate seamlessly with several carrier systems such as Fedex, Purolator, UPS, or combination systems like Clippership, thereby scheduling the pickup, and achieving documentary and labeling compliance.

Upon shipment Syspro will generate all the necessary data files for EDI (810) invoices and (856) Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN’s).

Lastly support for the most comprehensive of pricing programs including providing for post-sale allowances, rebates and discounts.