Why Logi- Solutions?


We focus on one product: Syspro. Today, it is simply too difficult to spread teams across multiple products and know each product inside out.  We have been working with the Syspro system for over 20 years, and our team has over 80-man years of knowledge and expertise with it. Today, businesses like yours can’t afford to make only partial use of a business management system. You need to partner with someone who knows the system intimately and can help you take full advantage of every application.


LOGI-SOLUTIONS has developed an expertise in supporting companies that service major retailers. Our fully integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions are outstanding for partners of major retailers or “big box stores”. Some view dealing with stores like Walmart a challenge. We see it as an opportunity!

Our solution caters to all of a retailer’s needs, whether it is order splitting, packing and palletization rules, labeling, delivery times, or store or distribution centre delivery. Our solution ensures that our clients are compliant with all of the retailer’s requirements, while maximizing sales and minimizing fines.


The third issue is our mastery of Syspro’s adaptability. Each module is customizable, making it pointless to develop anything from scratch. However, the competitive pressure on our clients puts the onus to take the Syspro solution from its standard fit to as close to 100% as possible. This is where Syspro and LOGI-SOLUTIONS skills excel. The software can be personalized, allowing us to address even the most unique requirements while maintaining client autonomy and flexibility.


For all LOGI-SOLUTIONS projects we make use of a strict implementation methodology founded on the following points:

  • Planning and project management is a must.  This begins with the preparation of a comprehensive project plan including all standard steps and requirements but also many site and project specific tasks that provides a common measuring stick for all project stakeholders.  The resulting project plan, project documents and task list is all deployed on a SharePoint site allowing internal and external users to share and update the same plan without managing multiple remote versions of each.
  • Company requirements have been assessed to a certain point already, but these are then flushed out in comprehensive detail in our functional specifications.  This includes documenting the business requirement and then explaining in common language how the software will be configured and used to meet these requirements, complete with screen shots of the software inputs and outputs.  These documents are created initially by LOGI-SOLUTIONS and then reviewed and updated by the full project team until mutual understanding and agreement is achieved.  At this point these are signed and form the project blue print.
  • A User Acceptance Test (UAT) is performed only once 100% of the solution is readied, meaning all processes, all forms, all equipment.  Training begins only once UAT acceptance has been achieved.
  • Training is formally scheduled by the project team ensuring all of the appropriate personnel are trained on each area.  It is very important to have at least one super-user who follows 100% of the training.
  • Go-live takes place only after all stakeholders sign off on the project readiness.
  • Stock take is mandatory especially if deploying WMS, unless the stock accuracy can be assured.
  • Post-live support is provided by multiple team members from LOGI-SOLUTIONS.  Client personnel are generally anxious in the first phase of go-live, also issues need quick resolution.  We ensure that both are managed professionally and timely by having personnel on-site for two full weeks after go-live.


We take our mission of making your business management system a competitive advantage very seriously. We love to be challenged by our clients’ unique needs… and more importantly we love finding the solution that is right for you and your business.