The DATASCOPE warehousing solution makes use of radio frequency-scanning (RF-scanning), bar-coding and voice recognition technologies to enhance and improve the way transactions are entered and captured by the plant or warehouse floor.

The result? Every possible inventory movement or transaction in the supply chain is provided with more control and efficiency. This includes the receiving of purchase orders and landed cost tracking (LCT) shipments, put-away, bin replenishment, bin and warehouse transfers, order allocation, picking, packing, shipping, returns, adjustments, cycle counts and full physical counts.  Every quantity of inventory resides on a tracking ID or license plate that provides comprehensive tracking, control and visibility of activity and current status.


You can see the similarity between the DATASCOPE logo and the SYSPRO logo. DATASCOPE is a natural extension of SYSPRO. The light blue square represents SYSPRO ERP running in your business; the dark blue represents DATASCOPE running under SYSPRO on the warehouse floor; and the red swatch represents the “cherry on top”, the synergy achieved as the two solutions run seamlessly together.

See the Datascope Corporate Video Here